Thursday, February 27, 2014

JANUARY things

Music practice.  Julia loves to sing.  She makes up the sweetest songs.

 Chillin’ in the pool is a daily event.  It has been so hot here without the relief of rain.

 Our friends Leti and Josh Berry came to visit.  Each year they come to Paraguay to visit Leti’s family and each year they make the journey from the capital out to our place.  We are always so blessed to have them for a few nights.
 We took a longish homeschooling break over the Christmas season and how, mid-January) we are back in full swing.  It’s nice to take a break and reflect on the past semester (what went well and what didn’t) and plan for the next.  I love planning (it’s the implementing part that gets me). 

Tyler is doing sit-ups.  Micah is holding Tyler’s feet down while working on his math.   Multi-tasking.  I like it.
Its corn season and we’ve been getting tons of corn from friends and patients.  We’ve also been getting a lot of watermelon.  In a 5 day span, I counted 7 watermelon that we received.

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