Friday, January 16, 2015


December 19: Jeff has epi-Lasek on both his eyes.  The first couple days after surgery were rough but about 4 days post-op Jeff was a new man and could see great without contacts!

Jeff found out that he passed his board exams.

Ryan got great scores back from his PSAT.

The kids had a two week break from school work.  We played a lot of games.  Some oldie but goody favorites include: Monopoly, Boggle, and Carcassonne.  

Some new games that Ryan got for Christmas and have already been played TONS include: Ticket to Ride and Acquire.  

Julia began sleeping in her own bed.  She’s always shared a bed with either Joshua or Ginny.  Her toddler bed is pushed up right next to Ginny’s bed (Ginny shares a bed with Josiah).

Speaking of Julia, she is excited to meet the new baby inside her mama’s growing tummy.  She frequently asks when and how it will come out.

She loves to carry around and care for her own baby dolls and I know she will be a great big sister to #8.

Right now her favorite movie is Monster’s University and she LOVES going to the library for Curious George books.  She really loves all things monkey. 

This guy will soon be a BIG BROTHER!

Josiah continues to make us laugh with his antics.  
His newest words include: Wawa (water), Julia, Hot, broken, off, no and yes
He’s obsessed with belly buttons and turning off the lights and coloring on himself.
He loves to sing Happy Birthday…blowing out the imaginary candles and then clapping for himself.
He started to pray with us at bed time.  When it is his turn he closes his eyes and says “birthday” then he claps.

He loves mandarin oranges and calls them (and every other fruit) “apple”

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