Tuesday, April 12, 2016


February 19, 2016

We just finished our FIRST month back in Jataity.

Saturday we had our FIRST Bible in neighboring town of San Isidro.
 Monday was jeff's FIRST day of clinic.
Tuesday was our FIRST look for housing options for future team mates coming in April.

Thursday Ginny was given our FIRST acquired pet since being back (a cat). 

Friday we welcomed our FIRST overnight guests, our newest team mates.

Friday also was the FIRST Bible study at our house.
 2-21-16: I had the FIRST birthday since being back. We went to church, had lunch with team mates, and ate cake and hand-cranked ice cream.  That afternoon we had sweet fellowship with Paraguayan friends who came to visit.

2-25-16: 15 guys participated in the FIRST Timothy Training since we've been back. The heard, memorized and discussed 6 6 Bible studies that they will hopefully take back to their towns and teach others,

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