Sunday, April 10, 2016


1:25:16 - Jeff is finally better.  This is the first time since arriving in Paraguay that someone hasn’t been sick.

2:3:16 – Claire sat in an anthill and got probably 100 bites.  They swelled up, then she got hives.

2:8:16 – Just as the ant bites were healing a mosquito attacked Claire all night long and she awoke with bites all over her body.  She looks miserable with red welts all over her body. We have gone through several bottles of OFF, ant poison, and spider spray.  After taking care of the mosquito problem we noticed she was still being bitten by something.  It took us a few days to realize it was fleas from our neighbor’s little dog. We promptly gave him a flea dip.

2:11:16 – Our hard drive on our main computer crashed. 

Cows keep getting into our yard at night, dumping over and eating the dog and chicken food and leaving tons of cow pies. A local gang of 10 various sized pigs has also been helping themselves to the spilled food.  What a mess each morning!

 Every day, all day long there are kids in our yard playing soccer.
 This is our front yard looking at our house.  Jeff’s mobile clinic is to the left.
A big adjustment to life in rural Paraguay is figuring what and how to cook with limited supplies.  It’s always nice when someone in town kills a pig and asks if we want some meat.

 Fridays at our house are pizza days. We hadn't made pizza while in the states and the kids were excited to get back to our yummy weekly tradition of pizza and coke.

The kids are loving catching up with their fellow MKs (missionary kids).  Ryan’s friends who live 1 ½ hours away came for the day.
 Then Ryan went to their home to watch the Super Bowl.

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