Tuesday, May 3, 2016


March 13-19

Every 4-6 weeks it seems that we find ourselves making the trip into the capital, Asuncion for one reason or another.  Sometimes it’s to welcome guests or returning missionaries or say good-bye to those guest and missionaries.  Sometimes it’s for mission meetings. And sometimes it’s because we have a long list of thing that can only be done in the big city like car repairs, paperwork, and dental appointments.  It is times in the city that I miss the one-stop shopping found so easily in the states.  Every errand from computer paper to a bicycle wheel, from car fluid to soccer balls, from guitar strings to paint supplies is each a stop of its own.  The days in the city can be long and hot and tiring.  Thankfully our mission has a great guest house where we can stay as we check off our to-do list.

It takes us 5 hours (with no stops) to get to Asuncion.  This time we had to take our cat who is too young to stay at home by herself.

Our monster van was finally released from customs. Before we can drive it we need to get the inspection completed and the license and registration done. Then it needs the bummer put on (the mechanic in the US didn't have time) and the wrench mounted.  In order to start all that we need the car’s paperwork which the shipping company forgot to drop off with the van.  And for some reason, they were unable to get it to us the entire week.  
We began Claire's immigration process which includes numerous steps. This visit to the city we did the doctor's visit (routine physical), took passport pictures, and signed papers at the Paraguayan immigration office.
Jeff turned in his documents to become licensed in this country. There are still several hoops to jump through but he is on the right track.
Jeff had a second appointment with the ministry of health and took along our newest teammates. They are PAs and, praise God, got permission to work in the countryside
Tyler and Ginny had dental appointments. Ginny came away with braces!
Ginny had a riding lesson.

It was a blessing and a treat to go to lunch with a few other missionary ladies also in town.  
Micah had dengue (from mosquitoes) while we were in Asuncion. He slept for five days straight. He had fever and leg pains and on day 5 broke out in the classic dengue rash.
The kids have been looking forward to buying pets and we promised a dog (to replace the one that died while we were on furlough). On our way back home we stopped at the pet store and found a cute little fluffy German shepherd. On our drove home we had not only this puppy but 2 hamsters, 2 rabbits, and our kitty.

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