Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kid Stuff


There was a fatal accident today in front of our house. Ryan’s retainer bit the dust – literally. While riding bikes, Ryan took his retainer out and put it in his pocket when he was offered a piece candy by our neighbor. 10 minutes later he reached into his pocket and…empty. We looked up and down the road and finally found it, broken, cracked in half, wire warped and way beyond repair. It has been a constant companion for Ryan since July (6 months ago). It was suppose to be with us for another 6 months. We’ll see what the dentist says the next time we get to the city. Jeff and I were both sympathetic since back in the day we too had retainers and we know how easy they are to break or lose. I am truly surprised it lasted this long.


The kids have been bikeless for about a year due to rusty chains, broken parts, warped frame (a car can be thanked for that). We debated if bikes should be Christmas gifts but we decided against it (5 bikes is a big expense). The Lord is wonderful. In January a team mate moved houses and in the process asked if we wanted three bikes their kids had outgrown. One is a little plastic horse on wheels, perfect for Micah and the other two are perfect for Ginny and Joshua. Jeff was able to consolidate three unusable bikes into one rideable one for Tyler. We bought Ryan a new bike last time we were in Asuncion.
So now all the kids have bikes again and they are enjoying riding on the dirt road in front of our house. Ginny had to relearn to ride a 2 wheeled bike and Joshua had to learn for the first time. As you can see from the pictures, Ginny is quite competent on her bike and has taken to doing tricks now. This is Ryan’s first bike with gears.


Ted said...

When are you going to update the kids ages in the right column?

Abbie said...

Fun!!! Love the bikes! I love that Micah is in his diaper. It's so much easier that way sometimes! :)

Jeanine said...

I LOVE looking at all the pictures and imagining your life! What God is doing in and through your family is so amazing.

paraguayalyssa said...

Ginny looks so beautiful and old in that picture! At first glance, I thought she had really long hair... and had a vision of the drop dead gorgeous young woman she's going to be and her dad waiting at the front door with a shot gun.