Saturday, February 28, 2009


February 27, 2009 (a few days past my b-day)

I had a wonderful 32nd birthday. The kids made me cute cards – you know, the ones where “love” is spelled “luv” and I was drawn with arms coming out of my head. Throughout the day several of the girls from town brought me gifts or called. Jeff did all the cooking and the kids did the cleaning. Our team mates came over in the afternoon with a chocolate cake. I told Jeff that my only birthday wish was that the day wouldn’t be so hot. The past few days have been close to 100 degrees, humid, no breeze, and just miserable. Sometimes I feel that it is cooler outside the house then inside. My birthday started out just as hot as the previous days, but then late afternoon it began to rain and cool off some.

We planned to spend Monday at our team mates, Dan and Christie’s house in Yuty (1 ½ away) and were disappointed when we woke up Monday morning to pouring rain. We knew the roads would be horribly muddy and we decided not to brave the trip. I am thankful the weather cleared up and we were able to go Wednesday instead (sometimes I just need to get out of town!). The Floyds (our San Francisco team mates) also came, plus we picked up two Peace Corps workers on the way. It was a fun day of chatting (the girls) and playing football (the boys), eating sloppy joes and having hand-cranked cake and ice cream. They even sang for my birthday and I blew out my number 32candle.

The necklace and flowers Ginny gave me for my b-day.

Our family

Hanging with friends

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Abbie said...

FUN! Being drawn with arms coming out of your head must have been the best part of the day. :)