Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today, Tyler was complaining that he had a sun burn to which Joshua kept replying, “No.” And Tyler kept shouting, “Yes, I do.” Finally Joshua yelled, “You can’t have a sun burn because you are brown. Only white people like me can get burned!” Tyler seemed to be satisfied with that logic.

We are reading a book about missionary heroes and we read about Nate Saint. We asked the kids, “What is a cannibal?” Ginny piped up, “I know! It’s the animals with two bumps on their back.”

Tyler announced he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. I asked Joshua if he still wanted to be doctor and he replied, “I want to be a no body.” Ginny, always the sympathetic one said, “You could be a human.”

In practicing for his oral book report on Helen Keller, Ryan kept pronouncing her name, Ellen Keller. Finally, after being corrected numerous times he said, “I forget what language you don’t pronounce the H.

Ginny says, “I like the handstand on my bike.” (kick stand)

I guess I took for granted that everyone knew about paper dolls. Ginny was given a book with two paper dollies, several clothing options and a thousand tiny accessory pieces for Christmas but never played with it. I was busy in the kitchen when I saw her get down the book and head for my bed room. She busied herself for an hour at least with the dolls. Finally she came out and showed me all her “craft projects”. She had punched out the two paper doll girls and, because she had no idea what the tabs were for, she glued the clothes, shoes, purses and crowns on the bodies. With the left over clothes she glued them onto paper and drew bodies around them. I said, “Honey, did you not wonder what the white tabs were for?” She replied, “Yes. So I cut a lot of them off.”

Potty training has begun with Micah. I absolutely hate potty training days….weeks…..months. To me, nothing can be more of a test on my (lack of) patience….drop everything you are doing to stand in the bathroom to wait for a kid who may or may not decide that this time they will poop in the potty or a test of my (lack of) organization/schedule household….. there are days when I forget to get him dressed or put on his shoes before leaving the house, and now I have to remember to say, “Let’s go potty” too. Potty training did not go any smoother the 4th time around with Tyler, so we will see how it goes this time.

I love how our kids can sleep pretty much anywhere. At a recent stay in a hotel Ginny and Joshua were arguing because they both wanted to sleep in the 2x3 foot closet.

The bible studies hold everyone accountable to the story by making the participants memorize a verse and a theme each week. Our neighbor, who wears an afro-ish hair do, always has such a hard time. One night she was especially slow at catching on and she said, “I have a big head for nothing.”

Tonight I was admiring my all my boys’ haircuts…until I go to Joshua and noticed the front was a bit odd looking. I asked Jeff (the barber) why he messed up so badly on Joshua’s hair. As we looked closer, we realize that Joshua had cut his own hair in front. He is 5 years old. Isn’t he supposed to be out of that stage?

potty training!

Joshua after his hair cut


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Our friends' little girl (2 1/2) loves to play on the playground in front of her house, with all the kids from the Children's Home her parents direct. She was telling me the other day that they played all day on the "background." :) I used to keep a calendar on my fridge when my girls were a little smaller, just to write the cute quotes down each day. I love kid talk!

paraguayalyssa said...

OK. I'll accept that you're more laid back than most, but you are absolutely NOT disorganized! First of all, your second name could very well be Christie. I am so incredulous as to your ability to do more ministry with Paraguayans than I could ever have dreamed... with 4 kids! Secondly, your home is one of the most harmonious I know and it's because you run it like clockwork! From the kids' setting of the table to their feeding of the animals... You have a system. Don't second guess yourself!

Abbie said...

Ha ha! I love the Ryan comment about language confusion! :) And glad to hear Ginny is promoting our species!