Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tuesday March 3, 2009

Sunday we spent the night at our missionary friend’s house in Villarrica. Monday morning we had a SIM meeting in that town followed by fellowship and listening to home school presentations. Late afternoon we ran a few errands, went grocery shopping and headed home. We stopped in Caazapa for what we thought was going to be a quick dinner. “Shrek” (aka the green monster) had other plans and refused to turn over its engine once we were all piled in again. Thinking it was the battery, Jeff called one of our friends to jump us….but even then the car would not start. It was dark and too late to do anything. We were pulled to our team mates house who work in Caazapa. They were so gracious to welcome us into their home at such short notice (Like 5 minutes before we arrive at their doorstep).

I am not even going to pretend to know what transpired car-wise. Sarah and I spend much needed time together and our kids played as Jeff made decisions about the car. All of our car problems, replacement parts, and tow truck experiences tend to blend together in my mind. All I know is that I was glad to not be broken down in the middle of nowhere this time AND that we have 4 ½ more months before we can wash our hands of that car! It wasn’t the battery because that would be way too easy to diagnose and fix. The mechanic was able to do a make-shift repair job on the starter and suggested we head to Asuncion for a proper fix. We opted to go home to San Francisco since we were not prepared to spend a week in Asuncion and pray that our car would hold up. At 6:00 we arrived home…well, we arrived in San Francisco. We actually went directly to our team mates house for dinner because we had visitors visiting from the city. They were just going to stay in our house without us but I am glad we made it back to spend some time with them.

We pray our car makes it to the end of this month whoen we plan to go to Asuncion.

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