Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

“Well,” thought Alice to herself, “after a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling down stairs.”
Alice in Wonderland

It has been two weeks since Joshua broke his arm, so we got an x-ray to make sure it was healing properly. The x-ray showed that the bone had not only moved, but was now angling upwards. We came in to Asuncion and met with a traumatologist. He cut Joshua’s cast off, took a higher quality x-ray, and immediately decided that Joshua needed surgery. That was at noon.

A few hours later, I dropped Jeff and a very scared Joshua at the hospital. While Joshua was under anesthesia the doctor tried to set the fracture externally but couldn’t, so he made an incision and went in. He drilled a pin into the bone to keep it in place and then re-casted it.

I saw Joshua as soon as he got out of surgery. He was pretty uncomfortable and inconsolable. I hated seeing him crying out in pain! I also brought Tyler up to visit Jeff because while Joshua was in surgery Tyler fell with a q-tip in his ear (not his smartest move). His ear was bleeding and he was writhing in pain (doesn’t that make you cringe?). Sure enough, Tyler had a (q-tip sized) hole in his eardrum. Tyler’s pain didn’t last long, thank goodness.

Joshua spent the night in the hospital with daddy. This morning when I went to visit he was clean, happy, and moving around. Kids are so resilient! He is “home” (we’re still in Asuncion) now and doing well.

About an hour after surgery

Joshua with his Get Well cards


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Oh, that's so pitiful you have me in tears. You're a tough mommy to "do what you have to do" day to day. There's not much worse than watching your child in pain. Praying for you all right now.

7 D's said...

I will be praying for your boys tonight when I tuck hours in bed. Blessing you all right now.!!

Abbie said...

Oh wow. Glad to see Joshua is doing better. You're such a good mom! :) Praying for your crazy boys!

Max said...

Yea!! Praise God! Glad ya'll got this behind you. Glad to see the 2nd picture of Josh -- sure looks better than the 1st!
Tyler.... what can we say!! Isn't it fun being a Mom???
Hugs to all of you from us. We have been praying for all of ya'll. Several of my missionary friends have asked each week how Josh is doing.
I got a pretty good laceration on my thumb while trying to cut some frozen bread. Should have gotten stiches but didn't want to mess with it. It is healing, but pretty sore.
Thanks for keeping us posted.
Skype us if you can while you are in Asuncion.
Love & Blessings,
Oma Opa & Uncle Diah

Naomi said...

Ouch! Just reading that made me cringe! Poor boys! Are you hanging in there? It is so hard to see your children in pain.
Love you all and will continue to pray for you!

Keith and Abbi McDaniel's Family said...

I'm sorry Joshua had to have surgery. Glad to hear they fixed it. And Tyler. Goodness. Here's to a quick recovery for all.

Sarah said...

Poor babies! I'm glad they are both doing better! What a rough day.