Saturday, March 14, 2009


March 2, 2009

I have to brag on my kids…and my state. Our home school co-op decided to have each of the kids do a presentation on where they spend furlough. It fit right into Ryan’s 4th grade curriculum as he was already scheduled to study Texas history. I have considered Texas my home state since 6th grade and took 7th grade Texas history but I am a bit embarrasses to admit that there was so much I didn’t know (or remember).

Ryan did a fantastic job of researching and writing his 9 paragraph paper (it was a 5 week project). On the day of the presentation he read with confidence. As a display, Ryan drew the state of Texas on a board and labeled various famous cities. Ginny participated by decorating a board with the various state symbols she had drawn. She too was very confident telling the group about the state flower and the state dinosaur, etc. When Joshua learned that we were preparing something about Texas he did not want to be left out, so he drew the Texas flag. He shared with the group about the significance of the colors and the lone star. One of the other home schoolers commentated after Joshua was done, “That was short but he was really good.”
Texas really has a cool history….no wonder Texans are notorious for bragging about their state.

Ryan sharing about Texas history

Ginny talking about Texas

Joshua sharing about the Texas flag

a million Texas cookies

Texas flag cake


Julie said...

So creative! I love the fact that your son is using a laptop...without shoes.

The cookies look yummy too :)

Keith and Abbi McDaniel's Family said...

You always have so many great ideas for homeschooling. Maybe I'll borrow a few of them when my girls get to that age.