Thursday, March 19, 2009



Ginny confessed, “Ryan, when you had your retainer, I used to sneak into the bathroom where you kept it during meals and would secretly wear it.”

After a raining night we woke up to a green garden. Ginny exclaimed happily, “Who planted all those carrots in our garden?” she was disappointed when I told her they were weeds.

Ginny proudly to her dad, “Today I learned about odd and evil numbers.’ (even)

When Ginny’s rabbits were doing “it” she looked at me and said, “They are always mating! Aren’t you glad humans don’t mate?” I quickly changed the subject. The birds and the bees lecture will have to wait a few years.

After Joshua broke his right arm, I was commenting about how difficult it will be for Joshua to do his school work. Ginny piped us (and she wasn’t kidding), “I only want to do his handwriting for him because that is my favorite subject.”

Ginny and Joshua were talking about life in the 1500BC Assyrian Empire in school this week. I told them that their literature was stored on clay tablets and I showed a picture of their “rock” library. Obviously having no concept of time, Ginny said, “If I become a missionary to those people, I would bring them paper too.”


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

So cute. You'll be very glad you wrote all this down one day!

Abbie said...

Oh dear that's really funny! I'm sure she'll get a kick out of reading this when she's older! :)

Terah said...

This is hilarious! Hope you guys have a great weekend!