Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friends, a workshop and a pig

March 14, 2009

We are so thankful that Chris and Vicki Fry (and their kids), missionaries living in Asuncion, were able to come visit us. Chris taught a financial workshop Friday night for our community. During the week as Jeff and I taped fliers to the windows of tiendas I was a little stressed thinking that possibly no one would come. Our small back-woods town doesn’t have workshops or guest speakers, so I wasn’t sure if the people would recognize how helpful a “How to Manage Your Finances” class would be. We were thrilled that 25 people showed up and listened intently. Then two people signed up for further counseling on financial matters.

Friday our Saturday lunch was delivered – a pig. It came (as we suspected) dead and gutted only. Jeff attended to patients at the house that afternoon, so after he’d see a few people, he’d change gloves and start hacking/sawing/chopping up the pig. When more patients came, he’d change gloves again and attend to their needs….then back to the pig…..this routine continued all afternoon.

Our guests left Saturday afternoon and I quickly changed the sheets in the guest room because we have another house guest tonight (Saturday). Elion is a short term missionary from Switzerland. She will be in Paraguay a total of five months but she will be interning in San Francisco for a month only. She is a nurse and will be volunteering at the health outpost. Tomorrow we will introduce her to her Paraguayan host family.

Chris sharing with the community about finances

Doctor and butcher

Just one kiss....

Micah picking the pig's nose.


J said...

I guess yall will miss gutting pigs when you are in the states and things are already done for you????

Abbie said...

Oh wow that's some serious multitasking. :)

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

I've wondered what sort of response we'd get out here for similar things (charlas), but it seems you had a great turnout! How wonderful!