Saturday, March 7, 2009

The End of Summer

Sunday we change our clocks back an hour and into Fall. It’s hard to believe since it is still so hot here (in the upper 90s). There have been several days that have been unbearably hot and with no air-conditioning, sometimes my house is as hot as it is outside.

The school year here is from February to November. Last week the Paraguayan kids started back. We have always put our kids in Paraguayan school and home schooled them, but this year we decided only to home school them in hopes of saving our sanity. It became just too for me to try to home school three kids for just a few hours in the morning, cook lunch by 12:00 and send them off to afternoon classes. Ginny and Joshua don’t really mind, but Ryan says he misses being able to play with his school buddies.

Remember when I wrote about clocking 24 hours of standing in government building lines and signing official papers on one trip into Asuncion? Well, it paid off because we now have our Paraguayan cedula. This is kind of like a social security number in the US. This means that we are as much a Paraguayan citizen as a foreigner can get. We all received them except Joshua. They said his fingerprints were smudged and he needs to repeat the process….another time and another trip to Asuncion. Ug!

Jeff, proud to be holding up our cedulas

Tryingto stay cool.

Nothing better than relaxing in a hammock

It is nothard to tell why this called "sheep caterpillar" He acts just as nasty as he looks too. If he strikes, he will send what feels like pins through your body followed by severe pain.

co Amy McKissick 2009


Fiona L Cooper said...

I am so glad I read your post just now cos I had no idea the clocks were changing tonight.... so thanks!

Julie said...

AWESOME news about the cedulas! I remember I got down on my knees and thanked God when mine came- three years after starting the process...I was about to give birth and HAD to have it register our son's birth at the hospital.