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Many people here are subsistence farmers; meaning they grow just enough food to keep their families fed and just enough to sell in order to buy their family basic things. Their land is usually outside of town and they live in town. Since their main income is invested in their crops (mandioca, beans, corn) they spend most of the day, every day, working on their land.

We were invited by our neighbor to have lunch with their family at their ranch. They are among the wealthier in our town because they own the only bakery. They cooked a great asado (meat, chicken and sausage over a grill) for us. My kids love the outdoors and had fun exploring and riding the horse. I am thankful for opportunities like these to better our relationships and introduce the gospel. I told the story (through pictures I had printed) of creation, Adam and Eve and Noah. I had Romans 6:23 and Romans 3:23 written as well. Jeff also had an opportunity to talk about Spiritual things especially after the comment, “People of culture (she was schooled in Asuncion) church, it’s just for the poor people.”

Their ranch is located outside of San Francisco in a town called Kuarahy Rese. There is one dirt road running through this town and there are no towns beyond where the road ends. An occasional house has been built along the road but most of the houses are situated away from the road among the trees, fields and overgrown “jungle”. People say two things about Kuarahy Rese…they are very poor people and they all have a lot of kids. The government gave 500 lots to families and now there are 10,000 people living in this town! This town has no health center of its own and relays on San Francisco to meet its medical needs (Jeff is the only doctor in San Francisco). People walk 2 hours to see Jeff. They come in the rain, the heat of the day, very pregnant and very sick.

Co 2009 Amy McKissick

Rocio and her mom preparing lunch


Oven for making charcol

Ginny loves horses

Tyler and Micah riding

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