Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ryan asked if Jeff and I were bored the first year we were married. “No,” I replied. “Why?” “well.” He said. “I just can’t imagine what you did before you had kids.” Come to think of it, I can barely remember what my life looked like before kids.

Mom (after noticing the Tyler had the same clothes on as yesterday): Tyler, how often are you supposed to change your clothes?

Tyler (after a few seconds of thinking hard): Every Monday.

I was super scared when I went to get Tyler out of the shower and found him lying on the shower floor asleep. The hot water had long run out and streams of cold water hot his body making him shiver and his lips blue. Somewhat panicky I shook him awake and called his name. When he finally woke up he looked at confused. I explained that my first thought was that he was dead. Tyler replied, “Oh, you thought someone shot me.”

Can I wear long sleeved shorts? (she meant pants)

Mom: What punctuation do you need at the end of that sentence?
Joshua (not remembering the word exclamation point): A say-it-yelling sign.

(that is a dead fish on his forehead....I have no idea why)


Sarah Cornett said...

Haha. I loved reading these! Kids do say some pretty hilarious things :)

Abbie said...

Okay that is super funny. The dead fish is the best.