Sunday, April 24, 2011


You know you have a big family when..............the kids are so use to setting the table “in bulk”. Recently when Jeff, Ryan and Tyler went to Asuncion, Ginny and Joshua were setting the table for us remaining 4 McKissicks plus an intern. They were laughing so hard and saying, “Look at what a small stack the cups make.” “I can hold all the forks we need in one hand.” “And we all fit around this one table.”

You know you’ve moved around a lot when................ your kids don’t even refer to your house as your house. Ever since we’ve been back from furlough, Micah calls our house “Lady’s house” (our dog). For example, Micah will say, “Are we coming back to Lady’s house after church today?”

(Since December or maybe before Micah ONLY wears a bathing suit. Luckily he has two of the which he rotates each day. When we go out he carries his shirt with him and puts in on when we get to the place. once we are back in the car, he takes the shirt off.)

You know you live in a hot climate when...........tonight at Bible study the temperature had dropped 15 degrees from the afternoon. At 80 degrees, all our Paraguayan friends had on sweaters and jackets and were shivering from the “cold”.

You know you should call the exterminator when....... Last night Jeff woke up 3 times in order to kill the crickets that were being incredibly loud. This morning I assessed the damage - 25 dead crickets!!! Not to mention the 15 we killed before bed and the many I have killed since waking up (at least 20). Too bad we can’t call an exterminator.


Abbie said...

Wask you need to write a book.

Karen and Shane said...

Yes, please write a book. You have lots of spare time right?
These posts make me miss your family so much!