Friday, July 22, 2011


Nilsa went above and beyond her duty as my friend today when she helped me do lice checks on our entire family. Turns out…..we ALL have them! I am actually surprised that this is our first run-in with the little things because so many of the kids we minister to and have over to the house are invested with them.
It took us hours upon hours to de-lice our family. Jeff gave the boys haircuts. Then we brushed with a fine-tooth comb, lathered with a special shampoo and waited 10 minutes, we rinsed thoroughly, and fine-tooth combed our hair again. The last step was to look at our "bugs" under the microscope. Those things are UGLY!
We thought that would be the last of it.

3 weeks later and many shampoo treatments later, most of us are still dealing with an itchy scalp. It is not fun!


Sheri Elliott said...

Oh Amy i feel for you guys! We have had our fair share of lice (once in PY) and a few times in Mexico. Thankfully they aren't too difficult to get rid of if you inspect twice a day. We found that the shampoos never got rid of them very well. but a good nit comb and picking out the eggs like Tomasa taught us did the trick! Oh and vingear works great too.....another tip from my house help Feli in PY. Blessings to you all!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Bless your hearts. I was afraid when I read the post that this would be what it was about. These little persistent buggers are no fun, are they?