Saturday, July 30, 2011


July 19, 2011

If you have followed my blog, you have noticed that several posts are about animals. Pigs, especially as of recent, have been a frequent topic. In November we bought our first pigs (Pork Chop and Bacon) with the intent of eating them one day. Then in March Vern was given to us as a 1 week old. Ginny bottle fed him, walked him on a leash and let him cuddle up to her at night. She was more like a dog/pet until she began to grow and grow and grow. She got too strong and big to be inside and had to be put in the pig pen. I asked her previous owner, Celia, how big Vern would get and she told me Vern’s mom was 6 1/2 feet long and gave them 143lbs of meat. Seeing the look of concern on my face (how can we feed something that big?), she offered to take Vern off our hands in exchange for an empanada and milenesa meal. Since we all love Celia’s cooking, we all agreed to the exchange. Monday morning Celia’s sons came to the house and carried off the pig.

2 hours later, our friends came to the door and said that they’d heard that we were giving pigs away. We told them that we weren’t but we would, however, give them Bacon in exchange for helping us kill Pork Chop. They agreed. Tuesday afternoon Rosi and Paulina came to the house with cutting knives and helped us kill and butcher our pig (he weighed about 26lbs).

So we managed to get rid of 3 pigs in 2 days…and it sure feels good to be pig free.

Boots, our cat, waiting for handouts

Ginny eatinng her favorite pig part - the ears

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