Thursday, July 14, 2011


July 5, 2011

I am convinced that this girl gets more attention than a first born! The kids always involve her in their playtime. Sometimes she is the mom and other times she is the pet dog (because she crawls). Sometime she is the teacher and other times she is the student and they teach her various things (like how to go through a maze or over an obstacle course). It is really cute! Julia, in return, LOVES her siblings. Her face lights up when she sees them.

Julia is a great imitator. She claps when they clap, sticks out her tongue when they do and shakes her head “no” after them.

She still has just 2 teeth.

Julia is chattering all the time. Her favorite daytime word is “dada” which warms Jeff’s heart. In the middle of the night her favorite word is “MAMA”.

Julia still struggles to sleep through the night and will often wake up 5 or 6 times! Ug! Needless-to-say, sometimes I am ready to go to bed in the evenings before Julia is. Never fear because Ginny has became really good at putting Julia to sleep. Often I will go to bed and leave Julia in Ginny’s care. Ginny will get into her pack and play and sing to her and pat her back.

Playing in the crib with her.

Joshua fell asleep in the crib as he was putting Julia to bed.

Julia loves music. Often when she gets fussy I’ll call in one of the kids to play something.

This was my jacket as a baby. Ginny wore it too.

7-2-11 Julia had her first top-knot. Ginny says all the time that she cannot wait for Julia’s hair to grow out.

7-1-11 Julia had her first pique! Ouch! I’ll have to post about piques soon (since they are a daily nuisance), but basically it is a flea that burrows under the skin.

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