Monday, April 15, 2013


It’s always so fun to show off a brand new baby. 

Jean came with us to Asuncion to watch the kids.  Kevin and Rebecca were already at the guest house and came right over after a text message went out telling the team that the baby had arrived.  Jean had bought sparkling cider for the occasion and we so we celebrated together.

Hannes was also at the guest house and met Josiah Friday morning along with Renee and her two girls who came up Friday morning from Villaricca (3 hours away) to meet Josiah.  Andy Bowen, Jonathan Lee and Tony and his boys got to meet Josiah in his first few days up in Asuncion. 

A birthday party to celebrate Josiah
 First bath

Introducing Josiah to the grandparents via skype

Everyone wants a turn holding Josiah

The next couple days after Josiah was born we began working on his papers.  With Julia we had such a hard time obtaining a certificate of live birth, but this time it was a breeze, praise God.  What we did have trouble with was obtaining a birth certificate.  One place insisted on putting Crittenden (my maiden name) de McKissick for his last name.  Since our other kids’ certificates have just one last name, we really wanted them to be uniform. Place #2 and #3 were fresh out of certificate sheets.  Place #4 said that we had to go to the main office downtown to get a birth certificate because we are foreigners.  By that time we were tired of taxis and lugging a newborn around Asuncion that we gave up and went back to the guest house.

 first band-aide from that heel stick test


On day #7 we left Asuncion and began home.  We stayed one night at friends’ house and then continued on to Jataity the following day.  Thankfully, the little guy travelled well.  And we came home to a clean house..our teammates came over before we arrived and cleaned for us.  They left us a welcome home banner and a cake for Josiah (which we all enjoyed).


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Christie said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I'm so happy for you that you were able to share the joy of Josiah's entry into the world with so many people. :) Nothing like having good friends near at important times. He's beautiful, and so are you. I can't believe how fresh and perky you look in the shots so soon after giving birth! You're a pro, girlie! Can't wait to meet the little man....