Monday, April 22, 2013


Josiah is a great baby, precious in every way.  He’s eating and sleeping well.  We weighed him today (at 9 days old) and he is 3kg – so back up to birth weight.  He just seems so small, 0-3 month clothing just swallows him up.  He has a birth mark on his hand, full lips, blue eyes, and a bit of dark hair.  He doesn’t seem to like the pacifier, but has found his thumb on a couple occasions. 

At 14 days old he is now 7lbs, 9oz.  The past week Josiah has gained a pound - it’s all the milk he is drinking AT NIGHT.  This guy hasn’t yet figured out that nighttime is sleep time.  The past few nights he has been up every hour.  Ug!  And I am so not a nap person, even when I am very tired.  For one, it’s hard to get the house quiet enough for me to sleep and second, it is hard for me to turn off my brain.  But I have been going to bed early, sometimes before the kids.  Tyler and I have been reading The Hobbit together in the evening, but I can barely get a couple sentences out before my eye/brain/mouth quit working together.      

4-8-13 - I found a pique (a burrowing flea) in Josiah’s toe today!  How in the world did he get that?  His feet have never touched the ground and he is always in socks or footed pajamas.

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