Thursday, May 2, 2013

more of JOSIAH

Josiah is really filling out.  His cheeks are chubby. Weight: 8lbs, 2oz. 

It got a bit chilly.  Josiah was bundled up in many layers when we had an outdoor showing of the Jesus film.  He’s wrapped up in the beautiful blanket grandma (Jeff’s mom) made.

At 1 month old Josiah weighs 9lbs, 11oz which means he’s gained an average of a pound a week over these last three weeks.  He is in size 1 diapers now and quickly outgrowing those newborn sized clothes. 
Josiah is still not a good sleeper at night!  No matter what we try to do schedule-wise during the day seems to help with the night time routine.  Sometimes he’s up every hour wanting to nurse.  Sometimes he doesn’t want to nurse and is just fussy even in our arms.  And sometimes he’s just wide awake for hours on end, but of course wanting to be held and preferring the person holding him be in a standing position. 
 Julia loves her little brother

Banner I made for Josiah 

Jeff commented to me after a sleepless night that he didn’t know how I did the sleepless night thing week after week.  My response: because I know that this will one day all be over and I might just miss not having a little one to hold.  So while I’m being woken up countless times between 10pm and 6am I’m trying not to be frustrated or quickly wishing the time away.  After all, at what other time does this baby #7 get my full attention and when do I have time to give him mine except in the middle of the night?  So I sit and nurse or stand and rock and pray over my baby or recite scriptures over him or just stare into his precious big eyes (which stare right back into mine).  Maybe it’s the whole “older and wiser” thing or the badge of “been there, done that” that has given me a bit more perspective this time around. 

I remember when our first was born, juggling nursing school and an infant was trying for me and I constantly longed for sleep that never came.  When baby #2 came I was exhausted.  Then came (rather soon after I might add) baby #3 and #4 and I felt time was creeping and that I was never going to function with all brain capacity again.  Looking back, I wish I had known to savor those moments a little longer because guess what? one day they grow up.  They grow up and spend more time kicking a soccer ball than sitting on mom’s lap.  They read novels to themselves instead of insisting that mom read Dr Seuss over and over to them. They spend their time playing computer games instead of hopping colors of the Candy Land board with their mama. 

5 weeks old (already!)

 Dad multi-tasking

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