Thursday, June 6, 2013


Here we get to celebrate twice – once on Sunday (American Mother’s Day) and then again on the following Wednesday (Paraguayan Mother’s Day).


Being a mom means...

I have little hand print stains on my walls instead of framed art

I spend the majority of the day changing diapers, filling sippy cups and wiping sticky faces

I read Dr. Seuss when I’d rather be reading a novel

I play UNO instead of playing on the internet

My sink is full of dirty dishes and my laundry baskets are always overflowing

I can’t make it through the day with clean clothes

My food’s cold when I finally get done chopping everyone’s meat

My shower water is cold because I bathed all the kids first

My shirts are stretched out, my jewelry is plastic, and my jeans are way out of fashion

I am a MOM and I LOVE it!

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