Friday, June 14, 2013


This is the first cold spell we’ve had and let me tell ya, these wooden plank walls don’t hold much out!  If it’s cold outside, it’s cold inside.  If a jacket, hat, and long underwear are needed outside, a jacket, hat, and long underwear are needed inside. 

It’s the same principle with rain.  If it rains outside, it rains inside.  Our roof leaves puddles on the floor.  The wind blows rain in through our walls.  Use the bathroom during a rain storm and you’ll come out looking as if you took a shower (yes, it is that bad). 

And, as if that wasn’t enough, our cement floors are seeping water up from the ground.  Blankets and pillows cast from the kids’ beds at night, clothes that didn’t make it to the hamper, dress-up clothes and stuffed animals on the floor are always damp in the morning.

With all the dampness, we now are living in high humidity inside the house.  Now it’s not just the things left on the floor that becomes wet, everything is damp – pillows on beds, kitchen counter tops, books on shelves, and clothes in drawers.  All our doors have all swelled, warped, and can’t shut.  Mildew has crept into our lives. 

Annie’s song “The sun will come out tomorrow” has been stuck in my head.  It makes me smile because I live in the land of tomorrow...the land of manana.  But manana doesn’t mean tomorrow, it means whenever is convenient.  So I guess I am stuck in this season of wetness, until the sun finds it convenient to shine again.     

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