Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BRING on the DIRT!

There is an overwhelming amount of dirt and mud that is trudged into my house on a daily basis.  I am appalled every time I sweep my cement floors, every time I shake out the sheets, every time I drain the bath water and every time I do a load of laundry.  Being in the country, having 7 kids, and living in a Paraguayan built house that sucks in dirt means that I can devote my entire day to cleaning and still never come out on top by the day’s end.   

And the kids are always dirty - sand in the hair, mud on the face, dirt under the nails, and grass stained pants.  It’s a never ending cycle of washing faces, stain-sticking clothes and reminding everyone to wash hands before eating. 

What’s the alternative?  I guess the 9 of us could sequester ourselves in the house all day like hermits and not allow any activities that kick up dirt.  There are many days when that sounds inviting.  But then I walk outside to call my kids for lunch and hear them at play.  Imaginations going wild.  Laughter ringing.  And all of a sudden it doesn’t bother me that their necks have sweat rings or that their shirts will have to soak overnight to rid the stains.  My kids love to be outside.  They see beauty in God’s creation and they want to explore it – hands on.  They have great imaginations, they love playing together and they play well together. 

I am learning to welcome the dirt and the mud because it means that my kids have spent more time outside swinging in the trees than sitting in front on a screen.  They’ve set up a “store” and a “classroom” rather than sulking in the house.  They’ve discovered and learned hands on rather than reading about it in books.  Sequester ourselves like hermits?  No way!  I’ll take the dirt.     


tinita said...

What a cute girl and she looks so happy with the dirt?


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