Friday, July 5, 2013


June 19, 2013


I just wanted to get out of the house and to do something different.  I get cabin fever quite easily living in rural Paraguay.  Our town doesn’t boast much entertainment.  No restaurants or coffee shops.  No movie theaters or parks.  No malls or shops of any kind.  And on top of that, there’s no one in town to hang out with.  There’s a 10 mile stretch of dark, bumpy, muddy road connecting me to closest team mate, Sarah.

The roads are not safe to drive alone at night, but if our 2 female interns went with me, we could make girls’ night a reality.  Plans were made and set into motion for us to leave after Bible study Monday night.  Since we finished a bit early and the weather was chilly, Jeff decided to take 2 girls home who had walked 3 miles to come.  The interns and I waited for Jeff’s return.  We waited and waited and just when I was about to call Jeff, he called to say that he was stuck in mud up to the car door and our 4x4 wasn’t working.  His efforts at digging out had been futile.  He was going to be awhile.  Girls’ night was cancelled.


Tuesday evening, try #2 for girls’ night was looking hopeful until huge storm clouds rolled in at 6.  At 7:00 the sky split open and a torrential rain poured buckets and buckets on the land.  Not wanting a repeat of Jeff’s experience the night before, girls’ night was again cancelled.  With mid-week Bible study commitments and the roads not likely to be dry any day soon, I am “stuck” in town. Good things cabin fever is a passing ailment.


With a few of my (missionary) girlfriends

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Christie said...

Oh, girlie, I'm so sorry. You holler and I'll bring you a portable girls night!!