Saturday, July 27, 2013


When I get overwhelmed, I want to retreat.  Last night was definitely a night to retreat.

I was supposed to be at a girls’ night with teammates sipping coffee and eating cheesecake, far from the cares of bedtimes and children who push those bedtime limits.  The first girls’ night date was cancelled when Jeff found himself stuck in mud up to the car’s door.  And now, the second date was cancelled due to rain. 

It wasn’t a normal rainstorm.  It was a torrential storm that dumped buckets and buckets of water for hours and wind that came from all directions at once.  It poured and poured and poured. 

            In our new addition, rain rushed in from the 2 windows and from under the door until standing water covered the floor.  We had 4 buckets collecting water from the kitchen roof.  Due to construction, the kitchen cabinets were off the wall and all its contents were piled high on the kitchen table.  Everything had to be shifted numerous times to avoid the drips.  The brick wall connecting the new addition to our house began oozing cement onto the floor leaving holes in the wall which allowed rain to pour in.  The 2 south facing bedroom windows allowed copious water to enter.  Water flooded our front yard, overflowed onto our porch and threatened to push its way into the house.

It was a mess.  It was a disaster.  It was definitely time to retreat.  After getting buckets and towels in place, I locked myself in my bedroom and Jeff and I watched a chick-flick. 



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Abbie said...

Oh Wask that stinks! I hope that chick flick was a good one. You DO need some cheesecake.