Thursday, November 21, 2013

JOSIAH at 7 months

10-20-13: the kids were so excited to hear his first “word” -  bababababab.  Since then he has added fafafa and dadada

Josiah loves his toys and plays so contentedly with them; like they are brand new every day. 

He inches around on back which is funny to watch.  He’s pretty fast as it too. It’s amazing how much he can get into by inching and rolling around even with all of us around to keep an eye on him!

He can sticks lips out his lips and give the wettest, longest, loudest and funniest raspberries you’ve ever heard!

When he’s frustrated (usually because he wants something he can’t reach or can’t have), Josiah will scrunch up his face and let out a deep, long grunt

Josiah is still not a good nighttime sleeper – UG!

He is sitting up unassisted well and has changed from lying down in the bath tub (a literal tub) to sitting up.  Oh, how he loves to splash!

He and his brothers can already get into mischief getting all the diapers out!


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