Friday, November 15, 2013


Since moving to Paraguay 8 years ago, we have had a sloooooow internet connection.  Each year, as the world becomes more internet savvy, we find more reasons to need a good internet connection – filling out recommendations (which come with a deadline), updating computers, sending out newsletters, homeschooling resources, continual education, keeping up with supporters and interacting with potential interns – to name a few. 


We’ve looked into boosting our signal but the only option (which wasn’t really an option) was putting a 250 foot tower in our yard.  The tower our service taps into just wasn’t capable of a higher speed.


However, as of last weekend, that tower got an upgrade and we are so excited to finally have a higher speed service.  You might not be impressed if you came to visit (it isn’t “high speed”, only a “higher speed and it isn’t WiFi), but it’s great for us.     


The kids enjoyed skyping with their grandma and grandpa for the first time at home.  We took them on a tour of our house. 

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