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Friday, July 11, 2013
This week we went from one extreme to the other….we enjoyed 5 days of retreat with our team mates (the day after we said good-bye to the interns) and then we began a frenzied three days of packing and moving. 
Let’s back up to the retreat.  Each year our team gets together for spiritual renewal.  A team of 15 from the US came to minister to the missionary kids and boy did they wear them out.  A couple from the US came to teach the adults on the topic of Sabbath Rest….which is quite ironic in light of all we have to do and decisions needing to be made this week.  For starters, our car is sitting in the shop in Asuncion and won’t be ready before we fly to the US.  That complicates things a lot. The storage shed we’re building behind our team mate’s house may not be finished in time for us to move our belongings.  And it is schedule to rain Sunday, the day we plan to load our things onto an open bed truck.  So, in between Sabbath rest talks, we were coming up with plan B and C and D and so on.

But I have this great coping mechanism and it is called denial…but that only works for so long and ten reality hits.  Saying good-bye to team mates the last day of retreat was tough.  Walking into my home Friday night was tough knowing that we have two full days to pack it all up.  There was no time to waste.  Immediately we began unpacking our bags from the week we were gone and repacking our bags for home assignment.    

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