Saturday, July 5, 2014

T.I.M.E update #6

June 23-29, 2014

The church threw a good-bye party Monday night for us and the Houghs (our team mates who are also going on furlough).  They butchered a cow that morning and grilled 50kg (that’s 110lbs) of meat for the event.  As I was sitting eating I began to think about what a big church event in the U.S. looks like.

First of all, I doubt 50 kg of meat would be grilled.   Nor would we be eating at 8:00 in the U.S.
 Or plates and cups washed using a spigot and bucket
As custom, plates are served with a bit of everything on them – rice salad, meat and mandioca.  Everyone pitches in to help.  No one seems stressed at feeding 80 people.  Since there’s only about 20 plates, the youngest get served first, then the teens and finally the adults.  Plates and silverware are constantly being washed.  Since there are even less cups, everyone shares. 

And I am pretty sure firecrackers wouldn’t be a part of a missionary send-off in the U.S.  We can thank Benson the TIME intern for that entertainment.
It has rained a ton.  Clinic has been cancelled a couple mornings.  Visiting has been cancelled.  Bible studies have been cancelled.  Our front yard is a watery mess.
our yard is a watery mess

 cold weather is cabure time
class time
roof building

clinic days
cowboy Daniel

time with family

 making friends

helping to plant onions

pulling mandioca

even Julia likes to help

San Juan parties

There’s been some serious World Cup watching.  Thursday the power went out just before the US vs Germany game.  That didn’t stop Jeff from bring his generator to our friend’s store so they could watch the game.

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