Saturday, June 3, 2017


Friday, May 26th we left the city.
 First stop: Caacupe.  The basillica in Caacupe houses the shrine to the Virgin Mary and is a Mecca for Paraguayan Catholics.   
Second stop: Lunch in Chololo.
Third stop: to buy rain boots in Paraguari.
Final stop: The Bowen’s house in Escobar.  We spent three nights at the Bowen's.  It is a time of orientation to Paraguay and Guarani.

 Saturday morning the students completed a ropes course at Mbatovi.  It was a wet day.
The monkey has been traveling with us.  It’s very spoiled.

Class time with Andy. 

Students had 6 hours of Guarani class which is just long enough to realize that language learning isn’t easy and, well, that’s the point.  Language learning in the setting of cross-cultural ministry is a life long learning process.
 The students also had a Paraguayan history class.
 Playing games in their down time.

One evening we had worship and heard the testimonies of Andy and Lizet.  The second evening we watched The Mission which is based on the Jesuit’s history in Paraguay. And on the third night we had s’mores around the bonfire.
 It’s always such a wonderful time at the Bowen’s.
May 29th we headed to Jataity.

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