Thursday, June 1, 2017


One of our favorite times of the year is hosting our Training in Medical Evangelism (TIME) 6 week internship.  Thursday, May 25th at 3AM we (by “we” I mean Jeff and Ryan) welcomed our new group of 6 interns from Cedarville University in Ohio. 

After they rested we all sat down for an SIM/SIMPY orientation.

We ate a yummy empanada lunch before heading downtown.

Downtown we went to a church/museum that displays the heart of Paraguay’s only saint – San Roque.  The heart is over 400 years and it is said to still bleed every now and then.  Very interesting.
We also visited the South American Soccer Museum.

 There was time for a quick game of basketball before dinner.

That evening we went to Harpa Roga (Harp House) for a cultural event.  We ate great Paraguayan foods and listened to traditional harp music.  

 The students were pulled up front to try some of the Paraguayan dance moves they had just seen.

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