Sunday, October 19, 2008

Encuentro Sunday

October 19, 2008

Today was a beautiful day as we gathered for church. Once a month we meet at a believer’s field for a special day called Encuentro. At 8:30 the women begin chopping the vegetables and meat and peeling the mandioca for lunch. Then we all form a circle under a big shade tree and begin to sing as Tony plays his guitar and Jeff the piano. We always have a time of group prayer and sharing. Today Jeff and Emiliano, a Paraguayan believer, shared and Pedro presented the gospel. We had a good sized group of about 60 people. Some were new faces and some were the “old faithful”, and a lot were children.

Mid-morning we pour and pass terere and enjoy fellowshipping. The kids love playing tag and hide-and-go-seek. Sheep and cows come to graze and drink from their trough the same one we use for baptisms).

The giso (soupy stew) that has been boiling in a big pot while we were worshipping is ready by noon for us to enjoy. Children eat first, followed by the men and finally the women. After lunch we gather back under the tree for the Lord’s Supper.
Today we got home at 3:00 tired, hot and sweaty but very encouraged. Jeff and I tell each other about meaningful conversations we had and discuss who we need to visit this week. The field is white unto harvest but the workers are so few….

Encuentro Sunday

Singing at the encuentro

Kids at the encuentro


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Abbie said...

I love worshiping in informal settings. It seems God must have intended it this way. Sounds like such a great day!