Thursday, October 2, 2008

Interruptions or Divine Appointments?

In North America is it the cell phone that interrupts, here it is the sound of someone clapping at the front gate. People usually clap when we have just sat down to a meal, or when we are spending time as a family, and on occasion clapping has woken us up at 5:30am. I wish at times that I had an answering machine that told people to come back later or a secretary to prioritize the needs. People come to our house on horseback or motorcycle or by foot. Some are selling meat or herbs and others come begging for clothes and food. Some need medical consults and others are just passing by and in need of a drink of water. Some need pictures taken or English help and some simply come to visit. If I see these people as merely interruptions then I become frustrated and selfish of my time. But if I view them as divine appointments than I can smile as I invite them on my front porch and offer them a drink. I can relax and let God’s words speak through me (in Guarani!) to their soul. And I can be confident that they will see, if only just a glimpse, of Jesus’ love for them.



Max said...

I recognize these friends! I think we visited all of them while we were there.
Your Dad wants to talk with you if you get time to Skype tonight.

Abbie said...

Oh Wask, you do a great job. I miss you.