Friday, October 10, 2008


October 10, 2008

Last night Ginny, Joshua and Ryan tip-toed out of bed after Tyler was asleep in order to decorate his bed with balloons and birthday signs (this has become a tradition). This morning we sang Happy Birthday to Tyler and he blew out the four candles stuck into his breakfast crepe. He loved opening the Cars towel and the Yurtle the Turtle book and animal grandma and grandpa sent.

Two days ago several of Tyler’s missionary buddies were here for his Olympic themed birthday party. The kids threw the discus (a frizbee), the javelin (rolled up construction paper), had a ball toss. Each kid received a cookie medal with a frosted gold star on top. The cookie hung around their neck by a red, white and blue striped ribbon. I made a simple cake with the Olympics rings on top. As the kids said good-bye I gave them a plastic water bottle decorated with either a blue or red home-make cup cozy and paper medal hanging from it that said #1.

No shortage of kids at this party!

Birthday boy blowing out his candles

Tyler and David showing off their cookie gold medals

water bottle gifts for the kids

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