Sunday, October 19, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving

The kids decided to give Micah a rabbit for his birthday since he loves Ginny’s rabbit so much. They all agreed to pitch in 5 mil (about $1.00) for the pet and Joshua graciously agreed to help him feed and care for it. They picked out a black and white one and named it Reader Rabbit. It will be the gift that keeps on giving I think because as soon as we got home the rabbits began doing their “rabbit thing”. I marked 28 days on the calendar.

Micah with his birthday present - Reader Rabbit


Abbie said...

Ha ha! I love his name! :) Let us know how the gestation turns out!

Bradfords in Peru said...

How cute! We had rabbits for a while - someone gave them to us for supper, but the kids started crying, so we kept them. We started out with 2 and ended up with 19! Have fun!

paraguayalyssa said...

love it. today i took my little market kids to church, today, and they told me that they, too, had just gotten a rabbit. it, too, is black and white. they said it was olimipia-i :)! isn't that SO stinkin cute? i asked about the rabbit's name (as any good northamerican would do) and they gave me weird looks. "he doesn't have a name! we just say 'rabbit! rabbit!' and he comes."