Wednesday, November 12, 2008


September 25, 2008

About 10 minutes after the kids left (they walk just around the corner) for school I realized that they had left our gate open and our German Sheppard was gone too. I didn’t think much about it because she loves to be free and I have given up chasing her. Plus, she always returns.

At 4:30 when the kids came home from school they had a story to tell. When their bell rang, all the school kids stood in line to greet the teacher and raise the flag. Well, Lady followed them to school and then proceeded to disrupt the assembly by greeting all the students. After the assembly, Lady visited Ginny in her room. All the kids were screaming and laughing – as you can imagine. She knocked over desks, licked the teacher on the face, and drank out of the kids water bucket. She then made an appearance at Ryan’s class by putting her paws on the sill and peering in. Ryan told her to go home but she just entered his room and began barking. Finally Ryan’s teacher told him to take his dog home.

1. 10 cows being herded out of the school yard
2. A horse running wild in the school yard and a teacher trying to catch it
3. School children playing while dodging 4 burning piles of trash
20 5 and 6 year olds wandering around the school yard asking, “Where’s
our teacher?” The answer – no one knew so they were sent home.
4. 20 first graders waiting in front of their classroom for 30 minutes while
their teacher tries to find the room key. The result – the kids got a day off.
5. Barefoot kids, bookless classrooms, bare walls, chairs stacked to the
6. Outside at our house Ginny says, “I know that dog. He is always at our
school trying to eat our snack.”
7. Teachers sitting outside the classroom drinking terere while students copy
off the board

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Abbie said...

Oh wow that's really funny! I like your list of school surprises! My favorite is the last one! Sounds like a great idea to me! :)