Sunday, November 23, 2008


Friday, November 21, 2008

It definitely feels like summer around here starting with the rising temperatures outside (our summer is December through March and the school year is February through November). Ryan and Ginny spent their last two weeks of school taking tests. Each day they took one test and then came home about 45 minutes after they left. Thursday was their last day of school. We celebrated by watching a new movie that the grandparents sent, Nim’s Island (very good).

Yesterday Joshua’s Kindergarten class had a graduation ceremony done in typical Paraguayan fashion – informal and chaotic. The class sang a couple songs and then each received a certificate of completion. We ate empanadas and mandioca and cake. Today Ginny, who just finished 1st grade, and Ryan, who just finished 3rd grade, had a little class party with soft drinks and cake.

Our kids plus several neighborhood friends have enjoyed cooling off in our plastic pool (a novelty around here). In the evenings, since it is light till 7:30,the neighborhood kids gather to play soccer and volleyball and ride bikes on the street outside our house. Our kids love to join in.

Since the kitchen is so hot, my incentive to have the oven on in low.
Plus, with the kids playing so late in the evening it has been harder to get us to all sit down for the evening meal. Last summer, and we’ll do this again, we’ll eat our big meal at lunch and a light (salad, popcorn, chips and dip, ect) for dinner. That is what the Paraguayans do all year round.

Joshua and his teacher, Profe Perla

Ginny with her teacher and a classmate, Gisel

Ryan swimming with two of is classmates

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