Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pigs that run....FAST!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ever since our pig froze to death in May I had promised Ginny another one but only after we had the proper shelter for it. Well that day was today. Ginny, Joshua and I went to a Lili’s house and inquired about the little piglets I had seen running around. “Are they for sale? Are they old enough to leave their mother?” I asked. I was glad the answer was “yes” to both questions. We stood in her yard of dirt and chose two pigs (Joshua wanted one too…why not?) who are now affectionately called Wilbur and Spot. We put them in the back of the Suburban (have you ever put pigs in the back of your car?). The cost was 70 Guaranies ($18). I had 80 Guaranies and she had no change…well, no change in cash, but she offered me change in ducks! In two weeks I will go back to her place and collect the baby ducks.

At home we carried the squealing pigs to their new fenced in home which they apparently did not like and immediately found a whole in the fence and took off running down the road, Wilbur in one direction and Spot in the other. Jeff ran after one with our dog barking and nipping at the pigs heels which only made him run faster. Over the pigs shrieking squeals I can hear Ryan yelling, “Lady, stop! Come here, Lady!” Lady settled down and Jeff corralled Wilbur back home. I, on the other hand, was having a heck of a time with Spot (the things we do for our kids). Now, I use to be a track runner and although I have not raced in a very long time I still like to think that I have some natural quickness. I was proven wrong. That pig ran like it was in the Olympic 200 meter dash and I could not catch up to it. I chased him over the bridge, through a pasture and finally had him cornered at our neighbor’s fence. Ginny and the other kids caught up and we tried to corner him but he was not going to give up that easily. Instead we chased him across that field and back the other way…then across the field and back again and….I don’t know how many times we doubled back. I was so out of breath - chest heaving, legs burning, sides aching - that I was so glad that our house-help finally came out and practically jumped on the pig to catch it (I’ll have to try that next time).

I walked back to our house with 4 chattering kids, a squealing pig, and a crying Micah. (I forgot to mention that in the heat of the chase he had stepped in a mud pit up to his knees and then he proceeded to fall getting muddy from hair to sock.) I noticed several neighbors standing in their front yard watching the “gringo” make a fool of herself. My only consolation was that they already knew what a fool I was and probably remember an incident several months ago that looked very similar to this one but involving two chickens (like I said – the things we do for our children). At least Ginny was actually helping this time instead of crying in front of our house, “My pets are running away! My pets are running away!”

Now our piggies are home and the fence holes stuffed with wood and bricks. And I am going to lie down – that run wore me out!


Bradfords in Peru said...

Amy - That story is so funny!!! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh!

Breuer Adventures said...

I am laughing with tears coming down my cheeks.
I mean, really, who needs fiction for entertainment!!

Linda Breuer

paraguayalyssa said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing!!! The thought of holes in your fence and animals getting through reminds me of the time Ginny told me that "Daddy doesn't want Lady to have babies, but all the other dogs in San Francisco do."

Leslie said...

Amy- I didn't know you had a blog until the last newsletter we received. I read just about every entry. You must have such a fulfilled life knowing that what you are doing daily is what God wants you to be doing. So many times I ask myself is this where God wants me right now. I believe it is, but I know someday he will lead us to the mission field. That is why Ben and I are in this family team together. I just love reading about all the wonderful things you and your children are experiencing daily. The Lord is surely doing a great work through your family. I will pray for the things you need. Love, Leslie