Thursday, November 20, 2008

Small Miracle

Paul, our SIM Paraguay director, called to say that our new car part was in customs. We were beginning to worry since it was 3 weeks overdue from the states. The bad news: it was going to cost us $200 to get it out of customs. Paul left discouraged and called us to tell us to pray.

The next day he stood in line at the customs office and happened (as God smiles) to recognize his air-conditioning repair man. They small talked and Paul explained that he was trying to get a car part out for a missionary doctor who works for free in rural Paraguay. The repair man said, “You need to talk to him.” And he pointed to a glassed window. Paul sauntered up to the window and explained the problem and showed the letter about Jeff and the mobile medical van. The person behind the window stamped the paperwork and motions for him to go to a second window to pay. Nervously Paul showed the papers at the second window. The man said something – surely he didn’t hear his right – can you repeat that? – I need to pay just 9mil ($2.00). Praise the Lord!

Paul got the car out of the shop for us and immediately turned back. He then, over the next week, had it in and out of various shops, which chewed up a lot of his time. There was the matter of the brakes being soft and the engine rattling around, the splitting tires and the alignment. Wow! He has done so much for us and that car! Whenever we thank him he says, "It is easier for me because I live in Asuncion. I want to help." He is just one of the amazing missionaries that we have the pleasure to work with.

Yesterday our team mates drove the car out for us. We are so thankful for their willingness to do that and that the car didn’t break down for them. Thanks for all who have been praying for our lemon of a car. The countdown is on - only 8 more months and then we can sell it!

This is Paul, our SIM Paraguay director and his wife Becky who is our administrator and finance person.

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Sarah said...

What a blessing! God is so good.