Friday, April 17, 2009

Color for Paraguay

April 14, 2009

Networking is fun! A missionary couple working in Ciudad Del Este (5 hours from us) found our information through a series of internet links. They paint Bible stories on big boards and donate them to schools, prisons, churches, and orphanages all over Paraguay. They wrote and asked if they could come and bless our community.

Jeff wrote in response: “I know teachers at a small satellite school who will be VERY encouraged by this ministry. Several of the teachers are evangelicals and suffer a lot of persecution for their bold stand for Christ, especially from the teachers at the main school in town. They have always felt slighted and left out when money is given to the local school system. They often feel that their students are in a sense punished for their teachers’ beliefs. They will be thrilled to see you! The school has 6 teachers, 127 students, and 5 classrooms.”
Marion wrote in replay: “It is exactly the type of school on our hearts, and we have seen this type of religious persecution many times. God has seen it as well and hasn’t forgotten them. He's going to bless them out of their desks.”

And that is what they did.

As well as hanging an enormous color mural of a Bible story with an associated verse in each classroom, they also handed out pencil bags filled with supplies to each kid. Once the kids realized that they weren’t there to give vaccinations (one 1st grader was in tears over this thought), they were so excited.

It was a blessing to get to know this couple. They have donated over 350 murals! Painting is only one aspect of their ministry. They work with the very poor and meet any kind of need that comes up – counseling, medical, chauffeur (usually to the hospital), meal provider, youth leader, English teacher…and on and on the list goes.

Check out their web-site!

Jamie and Marion bringing the murals to the school

Happy to receive the school supplies

Osfalda's class in front of the new mural

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Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

That's spectacular! What a difference the colorful paintings will make in the daily lives of the children!!! What a great idea for a ministry!

BTW, I was inspired by your post about chicken pot pie and am attempting my own right now, based on your ingredients. We'll see how it turns out...