Wednesday, April 22, 2009


April 2009

We have let our garden go because we won’t be here for the next harvest. I feel bad watching all the weeds sprout up after we try so hard during the year to keep them down. Apparently the garden looks great to the cows passing by. One cow in particular comes by around 10:30 every day and rams the front gate trying to open it. When he succeeds he enters and promptly walks to the garden to munch. The kids think it is great!

While Ryan and Joshua were arguing over the last piece of candy, Ryan says, “Joshua, I thought you’d be nicer after you broke your arm!”

While making Jeff’s birthday cake, Ginny exclaimed, “I want to hatch the eggs!”

Micah’s new words are “look”, “ah, man!”, “wait” and “cool” which he says a hundred times a day. He also says quiet often, “I hold you” (can you hold me?) and “lease I help you” (can you help me”. There is no end to what he gets into, eats, breaks, destroys, climbs, and messes with….

Joshua says that he likes having a cast on because now he gets to learn to write with his left hand….always a silver lining!

Tyler speak a form of Spanglish with his Paraguayan friends, “Put it aqui.” “Quiero the pelota.” “Mira at este.” Quiero mas food.” “We’re trying to get alla.”

We had a family celebration for Jeff’s 33rd birthday. He was pressured by five little ones to choose waffles for his birthday breakfast. He opened homemade cards and gifts. For lunch I surprised Jeff with one of his favorite meals - surubi (fish) and shrimp that I had brought in Asuncion last week. Chocolate cake followed.

I have a new baby. This baby doesn’t wear diapers or needs to be fed every 3 hours. My new baby has a flash and clicks. After 6 years of (healthily) obsessing over a Cannon Rebel digital camera, Jeff and I finally bought it. As if my picture taking didn’t border on an obsession before, I now have just raised the bar.

Joshua electrocuted himself plugging in the TV one afternoon. All of a sudden I heard the loudest scream I have ever heard in real life. You know those screams in movies where the video camera pans to the outside of the house, then to the neighborhood and then to a landscape shot of the city to indicate that the scream reached that magnitude…well, it was like that….and it lasted a full minute. I ran into the room and Joshua was limping, holding his non-casted arm and letting out short bursts (still very loud) of screams. After he calmed down he said, “I couldn’t let go of the plug, my whole body was dancing around and it really really hurt!”

Joshua reading to Reader Rabbit

Dyeing Easter eggs


Andy said...

I can't believe you got a Canon Rebel. I've been wanting one (maybe not quite obsessing) for years, too. Where did you buy it? To quote Napoleon Dynamite, "Lucky!"

Abbie said...

At this rate Joshua's not going to make it to his next birthday! I couldn't help but crack up at his "whole body dancing around" story but I felt so bad for laughing! I'm glad he's okay!!!