Friday, January 6, 2012


Mom: What did William Booth start?
J: Starvation Army. (Salvation Army)

Mom: What was the most important invention in the history of the World?
G: The microwave. (The printing press….we don’t even have a microwave)

Me during Language Arts: Give me two words that describe a house.
Joshua: Huge and Mungous

Micah: I can’t plug it out.  (He couldn’t unplug the drain.)

Tyler: Dad’s patient had a see-saw accident. (He had a chain saw accident.)    

The kids are memorizing the books of the bible. Tyler's favorite book is "Hagga-rias", Ginny's is "Golassians", and Joshua's is "Ethesians".

Ginny and her chicken cake pop. Cute.

Crafts with friends.

Ginny making Mars' Olympus Mons.

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