Saturday, January 28, 2012



The end of December, a missionary family (friends of ours) came to visit and brought his parents along who were visiting Paraguay.  They had been missionaries in Kenya for many many many years.  It was a short, but sweet time together.

January 6-10 two of Ginny’s best friends were able to stay with us.  Ryan graciously gave up his room so the girls could have some privacy.  Before they arrived, Ginny set to work cleaning the room, making the beds, and moving in her two most prized possessions (her barn with its animals and her hamster cage).  Over the next 4 days, the girls were a bundle of giggles!  They giggled while we did some crafts, they giggled through meals, the giggled as we watched Anne of Green Gables, and they giggled well past bedtime.  One of the girls said to me before she left, “I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this much!” How wonderful it is to have such good friends!

January 10-11 we had our second annual visit from Josh and Leti Berry.  We met the Berry’s several years ago at a mutual missionary friend’s wedding.  They are living in the US right now and came to Paraguay to visit Leti’s parents for the second Christmas in a row.  We feel very blessed that they would once again make the long out-of-the-way trek to see us.  

We have had an intern with us through January.  Daneille was not our “normal” intern.  She has been in Paraguay since July.  She spent two months in Asuncion learning Spanish and then 4 months teaching English in another town.  Since end of November she has been spending time with the missionaries in the rural part of Paraguay.  We were thankful that she came out our way for January.  She helped me teach English classes, shadowed Jeff a bit in clinic (even though she isn’t medical), conducted interviews with several of our Paraguayan friends (school requirements), spent a day helping on a friend’s farm (milking cows, delivering calves, picking peanuts), and played volleyball each night with her host family.  She has left just today to pick her parents up from the airport.  Hopefully they will all be able to make it out this way before they all fly back to Canada Feb 10th.
Daneille, Ginny and I milked cows with friends at 5AM.  They go to their farm every morning at that time to milk their 7 cows.  They get about 30-40 liters each morning.

January 10-14 Ryan spent 5 days with 4 of his closest friends in Villarrica. He had a wonderful time playing guitar, the wii, playing board games and computer games, swimming and playing soccer.  We sure missed him around here though!

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