Saturday, January 21, 2012


As I look to our January schedule, I am a bit overwhelmed at all that is already on it!    Will you join us in prayer for some exciting January events?

Jan 2 -25th we will have an intern.  She will shadow Jeff in the clinic each morning, have classes with us a couple afternoons a week, go visiting with me in the afternoons and help me teach English class.  Please pray that she will bond with her Paraguayan host family and soak in all that God has in store for her. 

We have a new intern web-site.  Check out and pass on to anyone interested.

Jan 2nd begins English class.  Last year I taught English to 25 students during their summer vacation (January/February).  I had a number of them ask me to continue the class this year.  So, 2 days a week I will be teaching an advanced course under our quincho. 

Jan 3rd begins a second English course that I am offering in Jataity (the community that we have been ministering in weekly).  We have felt so welcomed in this new community, that when I was asked to teach English I could hardly say no.  So twice a week I will drive out there.

Please pray as I get to know these students; that doors will be opened to speak into their lives spiritually.  These classes are great ways to get to know people and deepen already existing relationships.

Jan 10-14 is the SIM youth camp.  Although Jeff and I will not be attending, we have been promoting it in our town.  Our prayer is that a number of youth from San Francisco will be able to attend and have their life changed.

Jan 14 – our monthly kids’ club.  Pray that more and more parents will allow their children to come and hear the Word of God. 

Jan 19-21 is the very first Timothy Training.  Jeff has been working hard to put this workshop together.  The hope is to equip lay leaders to spread the Word of God throughout Paraguay using memorized Bible stories.  Pray that the men attending will have a great burden for their community and will learn how to better teach the Word of God.

We’ll probably throw a couple youth events into the month as usual – maybe show a movie or have a game night.

We are continuing to provide medical care weekly in a nearby community.  We have been so encouraged these past 2 months at the people God has put us in contact with and the relationships we are building there.  One family has asked us to start a Bible study in his home. 
Continue to pray that hearts will be open to our message.

In January, I hope to invite girls over to my house to discuss purity (a HUGE need here).  It makes me nervous thinking about sharing on this topic.  Please pray that their hearts will be soft and ready to hear from me.

Jeff is working on a 40 week Bible story Bible study set.  Some stories he has written and others he has guided the believers in writing. Pray for time in the week to finish and for the believers to enjoy learning how to craft a story.

We both feel the need to regularly visit people whether for a pastoral visit, encouragement, or to those who have expressed an interest in what we’re doing.  We love to visit, but it often gets put on the bottom of the list.  Pray that we can be purposeful and in our visiting.   

Through all this, we continue to homeschool.  It is especially hard for me to balance homeschooling, plus ministry responsibilities.   Pray that we will be diligent with the tasks God has set before us.

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