Wednesday, January 4, 2012


December 14-17

We serve with an awesome SIM team that loves getting together.  In December, we met in Asuncion for a 3 day long (we’re talking 8am to 7pm) workshop on how to more effectively teach in a primarily oral culture.  The speaker (who came from the states) encouraged us/challenged us to use more stories to effectively communicate the gospel.  It definitely gave us all food for thought.  I am thankful to serve on a team that is very committed to doing whatever it takes to see Paraguayans serving God with their whole heart.  

Here’s our SIM team with all the babies through 2ndgraders (there were another 20 kids not pictured).

On the 17th we had our annual committee meeting day and in the evening, our Christmas party.

The NERDS (Never Ending Radical DudeS) played a song (Ryan is in a red shirt playing the guitar).

The girls sang a song they wrote.  Julia was so cute.  She saw the girls up there and she got off my lap and joined them.
This was Ginny’s first time playing in public.  She played Tres de Mayo and a lullaby she wrote for Julia.

Oh, I made my first pot of coffee this week.

We ended up staying in Asuncion several more days than expected due to meetings.  When we finally left the city we packed all 8 of us plus a guest into the car with a pool, big fireworks, a dog ,a hamster, a harp, a guitar, 6 weeks of groceries, our luggage and 25 mattresses on top.  Half way home Ginny announced that her hamster was running loose!

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