Thursday, December 29, 2011


December 13, 2011

Today Ginny said good-bye to single digits!  We celebrated with a Christmas theme.
Well, let me back up ‘cause there was a lot of prep work involved.  First, there were the (almost) 150 Christmas cookies we baked and decorated.

He's eaten too much icing!

Then we made the cakes.  A HUGE thanks to Jessika, our intern who helped with the Christmas and birthday decorations and brought us candy canes!

This is the actual cake. 

This is the “overflow” cake.

Next, we made and assembled the treat bags.  We included pumpkin bread and the 2 types of cookies we made (sugar and gingerbread).  I typed the recipes out on cute Christmas recipe cards.

And put together a banner. 
It worked out really nicely that our SIM annual conference began the day after Ginny’s birthday, so most of our team mates were in the city for her party.

We decorated with lights, ribbons, tinsel and Christmas ornaments.

We grilled yule logs (hot dogs) and ate red and green jello and red and green apples off of Christmas plates.  We drink red and green punch.

It was very festive and very fun.

These are the recipes we included in the gift bags.  Click on them to make them bigger.

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Christie said...

What a throw down it was! We enjoyed celebrating Ginny's 10 years and have decided that in light of the wonderfulness of McKissick gift bags for the guests, we'll be crashing ALL your kids' parties! ;)