Thursday, December 22, 2011

For these I am thankful (#23)...


I have not always been a fan of homeschooling.  In fact there was a time when I considered myself such a failure at it.  I couldn’t wait to put them in a school while on furlough.  And I resented God a bit for “forcing” into a homeschooling situation.


So the fact that that I can honestly say that I am so very thankful to be homeschooling my children is a HUGE testament to God and his faithful patience with me. 

I love spending time with my children.  I love our flexibility.  I love learning with them.  I love bringing up everyday examples to illustrate their lessons.  I love being able to teach to their individual learning styles.  I love that they can go at their own pace.  I love that I get to read to them.  I love that we can all do history and science together.  I love that Jeff can teach Ryan math.  I love that Ginny and Joshua do math on the computer.  I love being able to teach Godly character traits alongside their lessons.  I love hearing my children memorize scripture as part of class.  I love having a daily bible class.   

For these I am thankful (#24)


In my down time, I really enjoy reading good books whether it is Christian fiction, a biography, a classic children’s book or a homeschool how-to book.  My children are also becoming avid readers and I am so thankful that they can lose themselves in a story.  Ryan and Joshua love mysteries and historical fiction and Ginny loves animal stories.  As a family, we always have a family book we’re reading through.  In November we read through a book of martyrs and now (in December) we’re reading an advent story.  Some of our very favorite family books are missionary biographies.  The Cross and the Switchblade is next on our family reading list.

For these I am thankful (#25)....


One thing that I love about life on the mission field is that we can minster as a family.  Our children come with us to mobile clinics, they sit with us at church, they go visiting with us and they spend time praying for the salvation of those we minister to.  I am so thankful that we have “jobs” that we can easily have them tag along.  We have seen their faith grow as we pray together for lives to be saved, people to be healed, friends to come back to church and for our own finances.    Missions is so real for them and I am so thankful.

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